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James Bates

James Bates James Bates

James’ work covers a wide range of imagery and treatments across screenprints, digital art and collage, experimenting with metallic and fluorescent inks, printing techniques and typography. Influenced by iconic imagery and pop art, ranging from graphic to multilayered chaos. His background is as a designer, whose work covers printed and digital works, interactive media as well as animation and video making. His aim is to create images that provoke, confuse and amuse. "I am a Printmaker, Animator and Designer, I guess my art is trying to make sense of a chaotic world where we are bombarded 24 hours a day with stimulus and information whether we like it or not, and what comes out is a reflection of that. Obsessed with colour and print techniques, specialist inks and varnishes. I’m influenced heavily by Music, Street Culture, Pop Art, Optical Art, Street & Urban Art, Expressionism, Cubism, Outsider Art… I’m am an obsessive collector of ephemera, objects and musical instruments. Somehow this all informs my artwork."      



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