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In conversation

Mike Snelle of artist duo The Connor Brothers has been a great admirer and friend of Giles Walkers' for years. The two artists have collaborated on various different projects throughout the years, including Mike Snelle's 2012 'Museum of Curiosity' in Soho and the 'Wondrous Obsessions: The Art of Collecting' group show at Hang-Up Gallery curated by The Connor Brothers. 

The story of their meeting and first collaboration is an interesting one and involves what is perhaps Giles' most well-known project, 'The Last Supper'.

Mike Snelle - We first met at around 2008 after I saw Peep Show somewhere and asked around who the artist was and a couple of weeks later you came by to see me. We were both reading Fraction of The Whole which seemed a good omen. You went away for a year and came back with The Last Supper which was singularly the best installation we ever put on. It's since travelled the world and spent time in a dedicated room in The Science Museum. Rumour is that your next project is more ambitious yet, and I can't wait to experience it. Can you tell me a little bit about what people can expect?

Giles Walker - Thanks! I remember The Last Supper was ambitious for me at the time. I was moving into an area of animatronics that I had never been to before. With MONSTER, the new show, I am not really doing anything new technically but refining what I learnt in creating The Last Supper. It’s ambition lies more in it’s sense of scale. The Last Supper was fairly contained whereas MONSTER will fill a warehouse.
People will be able to walk in and around the installation with about 16 or more animatronic figures, and pieces of old furniture, talking at them as well as amongst themselves. Some of the figures are over 4.5m tall. There will be intense dialogue, singing, and music specially composed for the show, all tightly choreographed with the animatronics to create something resembling a piece of mechanical theatre. However, where you are positioned in the installation and at what time will be totally relevant to your experience. You wont be able to simply sit and watched it. I’m hoping that it will, like The Last Supper, be something that people can revisit again and again….and still feel they missed a bit.

One of Giles Walker's multimedia pieces in 'Wondrous Obsessions: The Art of Collecting' 

The private view of 'Wondrous Obsessions: The Art of Collecting' 

M.S. The Last Supper was loosely based on our culture's relationship to religion and Christianity in particular, following the death of your Mum. Does Monster similarly explore a particular theme or themes? 

G.W. Yes. Most definitely. I won't bang on about the concept behind the piece because I’d rather let people discover their own message... But I can say that it deals with the idea that foundations we have based our self image on as humans, imaginary or otherwise, are being rapidly eroded.
Abstract forces that man has created now control us. They run rogue creating devastation in their wake. Creating displacement and insecurity. Undermining certainties.

This piece of sculpture looks at things like ‘language' where words are manipulated so frequently that they become meaningless…and as they do, so do we…or feel we do.

There is a buzz word going about at the moment called ‘post truth’ but when were we really ever living in a time of truth? We have always been lied to. Ironically, these lies became the very foundations societies built themselves upon. But the lies have gradually been exposed either by the deceived, and their newly acquired access to information, or by those who no longer benefit from them (and need new ones). Leaving us feeling cheated, lost, and vulnerable.

We are slipping down a bank and grabbing on to tuffs of grass that are rootless…or crossing a river using steeping stones that collapse under our weight...Yeh...its going to be dark!


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Going to keep hustling this project for a few weeks more. Please support my fundraising campaign to help deliver my next show. Please find out more, and support MONSTER here: Or find link in my profile. #art #sculpture #mutoidwasteco #mutoid #kineticart #animatronics #robots #crowdfunder #artevents #sculptor #thelastsupper

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Singing for Our Supper by Giles Walker

M.S. Your work has always had an anarchic element to it, not in a shouty preachy way but something to do with working beyond and outside the conventional art world. Monster is going to be the same, not housed or funded by a gallery, and reaching out to an audience far larger and more diverse than conventional gallery events. It's also going to be free. What's the thinking behind this way of presenting your work? 

G.W. I think all art should be accessible to everyone otherwise it becomes hard to justify. You can only genuinely do this by allowing people to see it for free otherwise it becomes something only for those who feel they can afford it. I also think that by showing art outside of the gallery environment you do stand a higher chance of attracting a greater social diversity...that's less true nowadays but still a factor to consider.

I am not against showing my work in fact, sometimes I think its best suited there...however with my installations I think that the venue I show them in strongly influences the piece in unpredictable ways. Gives them another dimension. The venues in which I have showed The Last Supper have varied enormously in style and have made the work, and the audiences experience of it, unique to that location. I like the way that the environment becomes part of the piece. A last-minute guest. MONSTER is going to be shown in an old warehouse in Deptford. The place is due for demolition after the show. This fact gives the venue a role in the piece that is already totally relevant to the concepts underlying the work as a whole.

Walk the Plank by Giles Walker  

Thank you, Mike and Giles, for taking part in this discussion and allowing us to learn more about MONSTER.

For more information, you can check out our previous blog which goes into more detail regarding the project and includes a step-by-step on how to support the project. Please also feel free to share this or any other promotional material for the project to help spread awareness and raise more funds. This can't happen without us.

Don't forget you can also view the artists' available sculptures and collages in his collection here.

As always thanks for reading.

Team Hang-Up



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