A space to truly reflect our vision. To push boundaries.

A space to focus on showing art and artists that we like. And believe in.

More Scale

We are increasingly focussed on showing original works and paintings, both in secondary and primary markets. And now we have a bigger space, for bigger shows.

More Flexible

With moveable walls and furniture, the space can be easily configured for shows on two levels.

More Collaborative

Rather than tuck our team away in the corner to maximise gallery space, we've built a deliberately collaborative mazzanine studio, with a full kitchen to boot.

New Hang-Up Gallery

More Efficient

With the growth of online collecting, the gallery is not only a space to show work, but is equally our center of operations for fullfilling online orders. The more efficiently the space works, the more efficient our team can work. And that's better for collectors online and offline.

More Time

Moving to an appointment only gallery enables our team to spend more time with collectors, getting to know them properly. Whether a seasoned collector or a new budding art enthusiast, the gallery can learn and understand their intentions and tastes to help secure them the right pieces.

New Hang-Up Gallery

Building Credits

Project Management and Design

John Perkins Projects
Project Build



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